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Jul 9, 2011 7:30pm EDT
. no more whistling past the graveyard. >> ohio republican congressman and speaker john boehner presides over the largest republican majority in more than 60 years, 240 republicans, 192 democrats, in the house of representatives. this means that for president obama to push through any of his legislation, he must have the support of speaker boehner. recently, speaker boehner played that critical role when he gained house republican support for the current 2011 federal budget. that governors u.s. spending for fiscal year october 1 of last year, 2010, through september 30 of this year, 2011. this budget averted a shutdown of the federal government. the successful passage of the fy2011 budget was a major feather they're in the boehner cap. >> i'm pleased that senator reid and i and the white house have been able to come to an agreement that will in fact cut government open. >> question, the last time the republicans took over the house was in 1994, 17 years ago, when bill clinton was president. if you compare house speaker john boehner to then former house speaker newt gingrich, how well is
Jul 28, 2011 3:00pm EDT
into senate gop nominees. >> it is game day as the house debate begins right now on speaker john boehner's bill. members of the house of representatives gathering on the floor to debate a piece of legislation at the center of this historic showdown over raising the debt ceiling. the vote is expected to follow in the next few hours, and we plan to bring you the best of the day. the details of the debate, how the vote goes down, and what is next for capitol hill, and the american people economy. and don't think for a moment that today has been without the usual acrimony that has marked the last six months, indeed as the republican leaders met behind closed door to rally the magical 216 votes needed one tea party freshman, and former notre dame football player mike kelly of pennsylvania encouraged his fellow party members to join him in supporting the speaker. buckle up your chin straps, the locker room speech, reportedly went, and let's not let the you know what out of the democrats. and buckle their chin straps republican leaders did just before going into battle insisting that they are t
FOX News
Jul 28, 2011 3:00pm PDT
right now regarding speaker john boehner's bill to cut spending and extend the country's debt limit. a. ♪ was supposed to happen this hour. this breaking development happens late in the day where the already heated rhetoric warmed up a little bit more. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry tells us about a possible option from the white house, but we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on what's happening at this moment. mike? >> they're buying more time to make sure the republicans have the necessary votes, 216, to passion the boehner debt plan. much of the afternoon, the speaker and his leadership team have been pulling republican members in his ceremonial office just off the house floor to make the final push to vote to pass this bill. it's been an unpredictable day on capitol hill. >> let's pass this bill and end this crisis. >> the rallying cry from speaker john boehner on the day the house is due to vote on his debt plan, but when asked if he had the necessary votes boehner deferred to the republican whip who was cautious. >> we're moving in the righ
FOX News
Jul 26, 2011 3:00pm PDT
, has republicans are searching for the vote to pass speaker boehner's debt plan. >> phones have been ringing off the hook in offices on capitol hill the day after president obama encouraged americans to make their voess heard on the debt crisis. >> good afternoon, bill nelson's office. >> the morning after a broadcast war of words with the president, speaker john boehner continued selling the merits of his plan, designed to cut 3 trillion dollars in spending and more. >> it has a real process for cutting spending before the end of this year, and it provides for, i think, the best effort to get a balanced budget amendment enacted into the constitution. >> still, as the house rules committee prepares the boehner plan for a vote. it's not clear if the speaker will have enough to pass it. and recruiting g.o.p. votes with this pitch. >> in this bill you have a vote for a balanced budget a set time in the future and we're also going to have one this week. we will not give up that fight. >> and that fight would be an uphill one in the senate. >> democrats will not vote for it. >> it's dead
Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
't pass their own plan? breaking news tonight, speaker boehner delays the big vote indicating he does not have votes to pass it. it all raises the big question, has the tea party taken control of boehner's house? >>> plus, wouldn't you love to know what mr. economy thinks about all this? too bad. because mr. romney is not talking. how's that for leadership. >>> and waiting with wait until you meet the latest extremist to log on to perry's prayer route. i'm al sharpton. breaking news. boehner abruptly delayed a make or break vote on his own debt plan. the speaker frantically been trying to whip up support from tea party republicans all day long. it is an indication that he simply does not have the votes to pass his plan. it is unclear when the vote will happen. the fear here would be a stunning setback for his leadership and for the g oo p establishment as it battles with party members. joining me is nbc's luke russell live on capitol hill. luke, can you tell us what is happening here? >> good evening reverend al. an alarming piece of news that came to us about 15 minutes ago. democrat
FOX News
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm PDT
to table the boehner bill and we're going to go to that live on the floor of the u.s. senate. harry reid speaking. or he was speaking and now he is not speaking. well, they are deliberating on whether they should consider this bill or not consider the bill. and we'll, you know, we will join it as harry reid comes back. and, james rosen is with us. of course, washington correspondent capitol hill. the man who knows everything that's going on. ed henry is going to join us in just a moment from the white house. james, harry reid gets up there just moments ago, and he moves to introduce the boehner bill which is really to chevrolet the boehner bill, what's happening? >> use the boehner bill as a shell often legislation severine parliamentary pristles to move it quickly. take that bill, gut it and put in the guts of their own bill and, of course, we know how things will go from there? >> laura: before we go to ed, tell us about this big balanced budget amendment added after all this tea party pressure. added this to the final boehner bill, passed with still a squeaker vote what does that actu
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 8:00am PDT
they were to arrive including mitch mcconle and speaker boehner of the u.s. house of representatives and he broke off talks with the president . what is that when you show up late with the meeting. oh, is it 11:00? i thought it was noon? we are also told that the president witched the venue from the oval office to the cabinet room and turned off the air conditioning. no, i made that up. it is getting weirder and weirder. who is better at understanding the dynamics that building who is wendall. what can we expect of the powwow? >> the president and we are not sure that the participants haven't arrived yet. but the pool of reporters that take pictures in the start of the meeting weren't invited in the meeting yet. the president instructed them to come here with plan or plans to extend the debt ceiling for 2012 to 13. it must last until 2013. house peeker john boehner aids said he's coming here with the demand that spending be cut more than the debt ceiling is raised. that is his only bottom line. it would take in the range of 2.4 trillion to extend the debt sealing through 2013 and the democr
Jul 29, 2011 10:00am EDT
last night the drama that unfolded on capitol hill when speaker boehner tried to wrangle the votes so that he could get his bill through the house. that never happened. they didn't have the vote last night, so he's going to be back trying to wrangle some more votes this morning, but we expect president obama to argue, look, the time has run out. we've got to get something done here. now, because of what happened on the hill last night, a lot of people are arguing that the president and democrats really have the leverage this morning, really have the leverage to say done, and senator reid's plan may just be the best way to do it. as you said, chris, senator reid is going to be moving forward with his plan. and he's also already asked for mitch mcconnell's help. that's, of course, the republican leader of the senate, to help him get a plan that can pass through both the house and the senate, so we'll have to see what those developments are. we'll be monitoring them very closely. but as you mentioned, chris, we also got some very disappointing economic news. we learned that the economy g
Jul 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
>>> the boehner plan goes down and there will be civil war in the gop. >> i heard that pat buchanan's double whopper was the best meal he had in years. and the great peter king declared this morning on this very show, the detroit lions may go to the super bowl this year. >> well, if it's way too earlier, it's "morning joe." stick around because we go to chuck todd. ♪ put your little hand in mind ♪ there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb ♪ >> okay, campers, rise and shine, don't forget your sunscreen, because it's hot out there. that's right, welcome to washington's groundhog day, it's a new day, but the debt ceiling standoff is going nowhere, and it's going nowhere fast. the hard sell, speaker boehner is going back to the drawing board after his plan came up short on spending cuts and he came up short on votes. brace yourself for a ten, 20 or 30-day extension. it's wednesday july 27. coming up, we'll get the very latest on this game of let's make a deal. from democratic senator chuck schumer, we can't get our debt ceiling raised and we're all by ourselves. let's go to m
Jul 28, 2011 1:00pm EDT
connell, harry reid. harry reid has just said the boehner plan which now looks like it will have the votes, now that he's tried to get his freshmen into line, that that will pass, most likely, then go to the senate. it will be taken up and it will be defeated. so you've got at least 51 votes plus two independents against it in the senate and possibly some republicans as well. then what happens? is there some combination of harry reid and boehner that is being worked on behind the scenes which takes the budget cuts this all have agreed on, that the biden group was talking about, and tries to move on from there? >> well, there is lots of avenues for agreement. there is -- there aren't that many big differences between the boehner plan and the reid plan other than one critical difference which is under john boehner's plan, we would be right back in this mess right at the holiday season, having this same debate, creating uncertainty in the economy at one of the most critical times for the economy, the holiday season. we don't want to do that. that's the wrong thing to do. that's not just the presid
Jul 22, 2011 7:00pm EDT
. president ordering boehner, reid, pelosi, back to the white house at 11:00 tomorrow morning. in just a few minutes speaker boehner is expected to come out and hold his own news conference. when he does, we will go to it live. let's get to it. is an msnbc political analyst and major garrett is from the national journal. major, i thought that was an extraordinary use of the power of the oval office. >> quite clearly, the president is frustrated. he has today continued what he said for two or three weeks. he is prepared to take medical risks. prepared to change the way washington thinks about politics. especially the way it is with budget and taxation. that's the president's frame. he talked about it in these frames for about two weeks. he talked the most progressive way to date this afternoon. if you look at the polling, the president is in favor of presentation of his pursuit of grand bargain pb portraying them as stubborn. >> what i was was most significant is the way in which -- here we are trying to read the tea leaves. some thought they were close it a deal. noernls s
Jul 27, 2011 3:00am EDT
. it will need to be raised in the coming year. this, by the way, is a challenge for boehner and the house. >> the president here really did get into a bidding war with the republicans over more tax cuts. >> good evening again from new york. an agreement has been reached and the government shutdown has been averted. >> house and senate negotiators kick up high stakes budget negotiations led by vice president biden. >> there will be no increase in the debt limit. >> john boehner the other night in a room full of billionaires categorically refused to raise taxes. >> let's talk about the debt ceiling. officially, we hit it today. >> the senate, bipartisan working group lost one of its six members. >> spiker boehner and its conference arrived at the white house this morning with a failed vote a clean raise of the debt limit. >> the bipartisan debt limit and deficit reduction negotiations, led by vice president joe biden imploded today. >> having to stay there for the july 4th weekend, no one is shedding a tear over that. >> a grand bargain looking very elusive. >> new news, only construed as b
FOX News
Jul 22, 2011 4:00pm PDT
tough decisions. again, this is the comments of the president. we're going to hear from speaker boehner in just a few minutes. wendell, what can you add to it and what are you hearing there at the white house about really seemed to be a pretty unhappy and even angry president today. >> well, very angry. as tough on the tea party as i have seen him so far. the president said that the democrats had offered deeper cuts in their proposal than even the bipartisan gang of 6 had. and he said -- suggested that house speaker john boehner simply can't control his caucus, which he said is not concerned as concerned as other lawmakers about the possibility of u.s. default. now, he ordered lawmakers to come back here tomorrow morning and tell him how they are going to raise the debt ceiling and said that he was quite prepared to go along with the plan that basically puts all the blame for raising the debt ceiling on himself. the president said that markets will reopen on monday. he said they will be looking for details of this plan. they may not wait until august 2nd when the u.s. would technically
Jul 24, 2011 11:35pm EDT
and the federal government's debt limit. a late afternoon conference call john boehner told republicans that president obama is not serious about making a deal. >> after making a final push for a large-scale deal it now appears house speaker john boehner wants something smaller. abc news has learned that boehner told his fellow republicans on a sunday news conference call that president obama is not serious. in a television interview boehner said the president is not ready to make a deal. >> i know the president is worried about his next election but shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> the speaker wanted the outlines of a plan before 4:00 p.m. to send a positive message to the asian markets. the deadline still looms. >> there's no alternative. failure is not an option. >> the speaker says he was ready to make a deal last week but the president's demand broke off talks. the white house says there was never an agreement. >> negotiations are not over until they are actually over and people sign the document, a piece of paper. the pres
Jul 11, 2011 11:00pm EDT
that is "the ed >> john boehner became speaker of the house with help from whacky tea partiers like michele bachmann and sarah palin and with help from rupert murdoch's corrupt media empire. i wonder why he's having such a tough time governing. >> if each side wants 100%, then we can't get anything done. >> the president goes big, republicans go backwards. >> i have bent over backwards to work with the republicans. >> the one thing he won't accept is a short-term solution. >> boehner's people and republicans on capitol hill say they are ready to eat the peas, but the peas can't have flavor of tax increases. >> speaker boehner is caught between the tea party and catastrophe. >> he basically caved in on saturday night after pressure from eric cantor. >> he has the power in the house. >> what can you tell me about the relationship between speaker boehner and eric cantor? >> senator dick durbin joins me. >> john boehner is along for the ride. >> not all republicans believe the united states will default. >> i will be voting no on increasing the debt ceiling. >> these are ignorant people
FOX News
Jul 29, 2011 3:00pm PDT
speaker john boehner's third version of a bill to do just that awaits a vote in a matter of moments. all of this happens against the backdrop of new numbers account inning the gross domestic product numbers were much worse. we look at how those numbers may affect the president, but we begin with mike emanuel on the debt ceiling vote. >> moments ago speaker john boehner passionately rallied his republican members on the floor of the house. it's been a challenging week for the speaker as the debt plan has been delayed several times and adjusted. after the vote, in a matter of minutes, the pressure will shift to the senate, and the search for compromise. after fine-tuning his debt plan again to include a balanced budget amendment to secure enough republican votes to pass, speaker john boehner made his final pitch. >> i stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the united states -- i stuck my neck out a mile -- and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! tell us where you are! [applause] >> ho
FOX News
Jul 28, 2011 8:00pm PDT
announced there will not be a vote tonight on speaker john boehner's debt ceiling plan. we're told it will not happen. the house of representatives was expected to vote on the debt plan tonight around 6:00 p.m. eastern but then, the vote was delayed and just moments ago, called off. so what happens now? joining us is james rosen, james, what happens now? >> what happens is that at the minute, at this late hour of 11:00 easternern time, the rules committee has been called in to an emergency session. they're going to take a look at the rules for tomorrow, and adjust them accordingly so that a tweaked version of the boehner bill can be brought to the house floor for a vote tomorrow. it's call td same-day procedure, they're going to make it possible for john boehner to tweak this bill once more. it's been tweaked a little bit before and bring it to the house floor tomorrow. at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow eastern time, house republicans will meet in the capitol basement and there, speaker boehner will face a job of selling the retweaked bill to his conference. greta. >> greta: how do we get her
Jul 29, 2011 4:00am EDT
speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling. now, this is a bill that called for about $1 trillion in spending cuts only. and it raises the debt ceiling for only six months, at which point we could have another breaking news night, because this could happen all over again. now, this was a vote that was supposed to happen about three hours ago, when we were working on a different kind of show. but at 6:00 tonight, about 15 minutes before the vote was scheduled to happen, it was abruptly postponed. word came down that speaker boehner and house republican leaders didn't have the votes they needed. remember, the votes they needed to pass their own bill. so after about two hours of debate on the debt ceiling, members of the house suddenly began debating the naming of a post office in peoria, illinois, instead. now, while that was happening, speaker john boehner was locked behind closed doors trying to quell the rebellion brewing in his own caucus. now, we knew last night -- we heard a lot about this town movie that the republicans had shown. but now it was beginning to look a b
Jul 28, 2011 9:00am EDT
rundown" with chuck todd. >> if you at first don't succeed try try again. speaker john boehner gets ready to bring his revised debt limit bill to the floor for a vote. but is it dead on arrival in the senate? with the august 2nd deadline looming there's only one hard part about playing chicken, knowing when to swerve. who's it going to be? and four straight days of market losses. the world is watching. are they losing faith that a deal can happen? good morning from washington, it's thursday, july 28th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. this is day one of six this is it kind of days. the beginning, not the end of the end. let's get to my first reads of the morning, call it a jam session. house republicans want to jam the senate, democrats want to jam the house, we expect a house vote some time today on speaker boehner's revised debt limit bill. we expect it will pass. won't be easy but he's going to get the votes. speaker pushing hard to unit his conference and using colorful language to get his folks behind him. some republicans, though, are frustrated by the tea party's influence in this debate. in
Jul 29, 2011 6:00pm EDT
sharpton. >>> are you ready for boehner battle of the budget take two? breaking news tonight, the speaker makes radical changes to get tea party support. folks, he did move the goalpost. he moved the whole stadium. four days from default and calls are growing to envoc the 14th amendment. should the president make the move? >>> plus, the republicans at fox news, created a monster. it is called the tea party. and now, it's coming back to bite them. >>> and the real shark week is happening on discovery and inside of congress. welcome to the show, i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead, breaking news once again, which is moments away from a house vote on speaker boehner's debt plan. the vote he failed to do last night because tea party republicans reviews to get in line. after that embarrassment, boehner revote wroet his bill to make it even more extreme adding, listen to this, a balanced budget amendment that would cripple social security and medicare. it's shocking new evidence that the tea party extremists now control the gop. and they would rather drive the economy off the cliff than than compro
Jul 22, 2011 10:00pm EDT
.c. >> or are they farther apart than ever? >> i just got a call about a half hour ago from speaker boehner, who indicated that he was going to be walking away from the negotiat been engn here at the white house. >> the dispute reverberates in the states, among voters and all along the 2012 campaign trail. >> the president is fond of saying that he didn't cause the recession, that he inherited the recession and that's true, but he made it worse. >> so what happens next? covering the week, jackie with the wall street times and dan with "the washington post" and john harwood cnbc and "the new york times". >> award winning analysis covering history as it happens, live from our nation's capitol, this is washington week, produced in association with national journal, corporate funding for washington week is provided by -- >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875 we have been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. through the years from insurance to investment management to real estate to he retirement solutions shall we developed new ideas
Jul 30, 2011 12:00am PDT
the speech that was given to the american people on monday night by speaker boehner. he talked about his bipartisan bill. and he talked about the fact that he was going to pass it in the house of representatives. we waited for that on tuesday, again on wednesday, then on thursday, and finally today, passed it, but it wasn't bipartisan. all republican votes. not a single democratic vote, and a scant majority. 218 out of 435-member house. when it came to the united states senate, it was dead on arrival, on a bipartisan basis. a bipartisan majority of senators, 59, voted to table the boehner proposal. and now we have a chance to reopen this conversation. and i can tell you, there is a growing sentiment among senators on both sides of the aisle to sit down and reach a reasonable compromise and to save our economy from the disaster that awaits us if we fail to extend this debt ceiling. what these senators on the republican side are waiting for is a permission slip from senator mcconnell. he told them to hold back until boehner had his chance. hold back until the boehner bill came to the floor
Jul 30, 2011 2:00am PDT
. put the interest of the country ahead of the tea party extremists. >> speaker boehner should just give it up. he throws piece after piece after piece of red meat to the right-wing lion that seems to dominate his caucus. >> we're not going to divulge. we're going to solve this problem, one way or another. >> countdown to crisis. your financial future hanging in the balance. this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening, an extraordinary day on capitol hill today. the house passes the boehner bill and the senate properly slaps it down. senate majority leader harry reid held a news conference speaking on tonight's vote. >> senator murray asked to be excused 'cause of a family situation. all good. her husband's here. tonight a bipartisan majority in the senate rejected boehner's short-term plan. clearly, we're seeing something we've seen a lot here in the senate. this time the country's attention is focused on it, a filibuster. a filibuster to -- from william ford on this legislation. a proposal that i put forward is a compromise. we changed it even more today. we would have changed it more
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 3,713 (some duplicates have been removed)